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New - Model q6000
Delivery Date March 2020



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Other Health

We are not allowed to say that the Q ENERGYspa has treated and or cured anything. We are plain simply not allowed to, to comply with the FDA.
Healthy Options

Nutrition Therapy
Cleanse & Purify
Essential Oils
Ningxia Red
Therapeutic Oils
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Founded in 1997, WebDeb, Inc. began offering sales and support for Q The Experience. Since 2013, we are the Q Energy Spa North American Distribution Center under Denver Nutrition, LLC. We now include warranty and service on all BEFE and Q Energy Spa machines, orbs and arrays. We maintain a large inventory of parts and can usually turn around most repairs within 72 hours. We offer legendary expertise and lightning fast shipping within the US and many International destinations.

More than a Foot Bath Resource
Over the past 20 years, our customers have come to know us as the go-to online resource for natural wellness. I am a Master Nutrition Therapist and seek natural wellness with real food - quality whole foods and therapeutic grade essential oils.

We live in a time when food, eating and how we feel about our bodies has become incredibly complicated and interconnected. What is important to remember and focus on is that food is the human body's fuel. How we eat over time is far more important than what we eat at a single meal. If we build a positive relationship with food and our bodies, our lives will be optimally fulfilled nutritionally. The Q Energy Spa is merely a tool to help us stay on track.

Debbie Allen and Denver Nutrition, LLC utilizes the principles of holistic nutrition therapy, which is true natural healing and wellness; utilizing food as medicine. Debbie works with individuals who have a genuine motivation to become healthier through diet and lifestyle changes.

Optimum Health Expertise
Whether you are just getting started to learn how to improve your health or maybe you are a health professional looking to add a valuable wellness tool to your practice - the Q Energy Spa may help your life. You can be confident your purchase and the service we provide here.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee
If you are not satisfied with your purchase we will replace it or refund your purchase price less a re-stocking fee and shipping. Some restrictions apply.

We are here to help. Please contact us; call, email or write us a letter.

Phone: 303-782-4841

[email protected]

Q Energy Spa Service

Ship all repairs and snail-mail

Denver Nutrition, LLC
4631 E. Amherst Ave.
Denver, CO 80222

Disclaimer: Please note that the Q ENERGYspa® is not offered, nor intended to diagnose, cure, mitigate, prevent or treat any disease or health condition and is not a medical device. Use only as directed and consult your primary health care provider if you have any medical concerns and/or if symptoms persists. Water color from any session, with any device of this technology, may vary due to a large number of different parameters and circumstances.

NO interpretation should EVER be applied to any one color and/or precipitation, NO matter the configuration or system used. To do so, would show a serious lack of judgement and unerstanding of the technology.

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